Just Relief

Natural, Soothing, Topical Rub
“A cutting edge product, so versatile…” – Nancy Seymour

Just Relief is a topical, versatile product that helps your entire family with life’s “sore” moments.  Children to seniors, athletes to hobbyists, safe, easy, fast acting!  Rub on affected area. See our testimonials: insect bites, muscular/joints, head discomfort, sunburn, minor rashes/skin irritations, strain/sprains, cramping.  Read array of herbs and aloe to see why and how it soothes and brings relief…Just Relief.

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** Launching in 2020! **

Natural Solutions Superfood Supplement for People

Natural, Immune Boosting Supplement that Naturally Targets Inflammation

We have all learned how vital our health is beginning with sound nutrition. We also know that supplements aid our health where our food falls short due to processed fast food, poor choices, or nutrients lost in cooking. So why shouldn’t our supplements begin with fresh, natural food powders supporting our health and bodily functions and boosting our immune system naturally? Every pure ingredient counts as researched historically with many great results. Food starts the process. We can choose our foods and supplements to take charge of our health.

Launching in 2020!

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.